My name is Elliot Harmon. I live in an apartment on Natoma street in San Francisco. I work at Creative Commons and Mission Cleaners Books. My email address is elliotharmon at gmail. I occasionally blog about poetry, technology, music, nonprofits, and social enterprise at Mr. Harmon Returns from One Place to Another. If you join my Google group, I'll email you when I hear about an upcoming reading I think you might like. If you like sushi, we can have some sushi before the reading. Otherwise, I'll just see you when I get there. Okay.

Writing about technology and social change

The Road from Hyderabad

Fab Lab and Do-It-Yourself Infrastructure Building

Ashok Gadgil on UV Waterworks and Simple Technologies

Structural Poverty and the Non-Adoption Tax

The DARA System for Mission-Driven Technology Planning

A Cooperative Approach to Web Design

Social Media and the Arts

Writing about other things

The dogs are in the enclosed pool area. Garage side door is open.

Triadic Memories (M Feldman, 1981)
for the body returned. She hums

White Lake—Not Drawn to Scale
NOÖ Journal

Notes Taken in Research for a Poem About Ms. Pac-Man
Summer of the Pterodactyl; from Mission Street Cycle

Spacetime Flexpass
ebook* designed by Topher McCulloch

If you like unnecessary profanity, you'll love my old spoken word CD. It's called But You Don't Understand.

These anthologies are only for hotties:
The Good Things About America
Slamma Lamma Ding Dong: An Anthology of Nebraska Slam Poets
Poems From the Big Muddy: The 2004 National Poetry Slam

For more fun:
Super Harmon Bros.